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What is Rebound Lifestyle?

You give your time and energy to so many different things and different people in your life, the Rebound Lifestyle Membership ensures you are also spending time on YOU.

Rebound Lifestyle is a membership to help you proactively learn and develop the skills of resilience so you can more quickly adapt and adjust to life’s challenges and setbacks and turn obstacles into opportunities.

It’s a membership that gives you the expert coaching, mental training tools, positive accountability, and a community of supporters that are waiting to build you up to live your best life.

Benefits of Joining Rebound Lifestyle

When you join Rebound Lifestyle, you get access to:

  • The Rebound Lifestyle Blueprint and Rebound Lifestyle Checklist; your roadmap for living a joyful, intentional, and resilient life.
  • New and exclusive content every month with the “Mental Training Tool of the Month” (MTTM).
  • Supporting materials for the MTTM including instructional videos, audio-only files, PDF handouts, and worksheets
  • The monthly “Rebound Huddle” is where you get a chance to be with Carrie and the Rebound Lifestyle Community during live zoom sessions and get access to all Rebound Huddle recordings.
  • Monthly “Note to Self” journal prompts to build self-awareness and do a deep dive exploring the themes surrounding the MTTM.
  • Monthly AIM text messages; personal messages from Carrie to help you stay on target with some positive “Accountability, Inspiration, Motivation”.
  • The opportunity to watch (or participate in!) the “Deep Dive Sessions” where Carrie will do a one-on-one coaching session with a Rebound Lifestyle member on a specific challenge they are facing.
  • Access to the “Rebound Lifestyle Community,” where you can connect with the Rebound Lifestyle Community to ask questions, swap stories, and get support from your fellow Rebound Lifestyle members.

Why Are the Doors Closed?

Marketing and promoting the membership and getting the word out to the world takes time and effort. Carrie chooses to open the doors and have people register once a year so she can then close them and shift her focus to producing actionable and inspirational content and putting her energy and attention on the members of the Rebound Lifestyle Community.

If you join the waitlist, you will be the first to know when those doors are getting ready to open again, and in addition to special bonuses, there may even be flash sale options to jump in mid-year!

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