Under pressure

I recently injured my left arm. And this left arm injury occurred after a VERY long rehab and recovery with my right one. A shoulder injury (volleyball) that turned into frozen shoulder, which I then re-injured— hence the very long recovery. 

Luckily, I learned a thing or two from the first injury and I jumped on my recovery much quicker this time. My amazing fiancé, who happens to be a sports massage therapist (lucky me!), booked us tandem massages to start off our recent staycation. Perfect timing. So I went in with the goal of getting some work done on my left shoulder, and at one point during the massage, my massage therapist had placed her hand on my upper back, over my left shoulder blade. When she did that, I had noticed my breathing was labored (I was face down with my mask on) and I was trying to slow my breathing down.

As I was breathing, I noticed she had paused for a while and then she finally says, “Can I share what I see?” “Sure!”, I said. I assumed she was going to say something about my shoulder or about my breathing, and she calmly says:

“You put a lot of pressure on yourself with your projects.”

Oh boy.  

I actually laughed out loud when she said it because it was so unexpected, but also SO VERY TRUE.  

? How do you have patience when you are excited and trying to gain momentum?

? How do you seek balance when you want to get better and know that it takes time?

Balance takes these four steps

I’ve been journaling and mediating on this, reaching out for support and asking others, and decided to make you a little video about the realizations I came to. Here’s what to do when you find yourself trying to force things to happen:  

? Stop.

Hit the pause button.   

? Are these shoulds or wants?

Stop trying to force things and get really clear on your values and priorities.  

? How do you eat an elephant?

Break it down into specific tasks and goals.  

Have faith

Stop forcing and start trusting that it’s going to happen, and you can do this.

Watch the video to hear more details on how to balance momentum and patience! Looking to develop your mindfulness and resilience? Consider individual coaching and start your journey towards a stronger, more resilient you.