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My whole life I’ve always felt like I’ve been a little late to the game, so to speak. I tend to be a “late-adopter”. I’m never the first to do anything. I need to (over)think, ponder, reflect, investigate. Only then – at a much later date – once I’ve looked at every angle, do I decide: I’m all in. That’s kind of how it went down for me with podcasts. I’ve done a ton of interviews for podcasts, (and I’m about to launch a podcast myself!) and yet until recently I had never really listened to podcasts. I’ve finally been swayed and realize how much incredible information and entertainment is out there in the podcast world. Man – have I been missing out! 

Now I’m all in and I thought it might be cool to share with you some of my favorite podcast interviews I have done over the past few years. Good stuff all around! Here are the links and descriptions from each podcast interviewer. Happy Listening!


Podcast: Another Runner Mother

Interview: Advice and Insight from Mental Skills Coach

“Sarah and Dimity engage in an intriguing conversation with Carrie Jackson, a mental training expert and the author of On Top of Your Game: Mental Skills to Maximize Your Athletic Performance. A dedicated trail runner (and former race car driver!), Carrie dives into the difference between pain and suffering while striving toward a goal—and how you deal with the two can affect your success. She tells how to put a positive spin on pre-race jitters and to even harness their power for your benefit. Carrie shares what Dimity dubs a “pocket tip” about breath control, as well as her three best pieces of advice for injured runners.” 


Podcast: Endurance Planet

Interview: Carrie Jackson: Mental Skills Training with Tips on Maximizing Race Performance, Better Life Balance, Daily Habits for Success and More

“A sports psychology special with mental skills training coach Carrie Jackson, who specializes in working with endurance athletes and is the author of the book, On Top of Your Game: Mental Skills to Maximize Your Athletic PerformanceOn this show she joins us to dive into topics to help improve your training, race performance and overall life including info on:

-how much performance is mental vs. physical
-the psychological component of suffering – and how Carrie’s coaches athlete to suffer better in competition.
-performance anxiety and how to handle pressure,
-how to relax nerves before a big event “how to do that”
-being in the zone and getting in state of flow – how to get there, how to know if you’ve been there
-achieving better life balance (what to do when you feeling guilty about training and taking time away from family/friends)
-Carrie’s top tips of things that you can do daily to be a better person and athlete
-gratitude and how that plays a role….
-and more!”


Podcast: Sweat Equity Athletics

Interview: Enhancing Your Mental Skills with Carrie Jackson

“My guest today is Carrie Jackson, a Mental Skills Coach that has worked extensively with athletes and teams ranging from weekend warriors to Olympians. She has been featured as an expert resource in publications such as Runner’s World, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, and even Huffington Post. Carrie also happens to be the author of one of my all time favorite books called, On Top Of Your Game: Mental Skills to Maximize Your Athletic Performance.

This was a super fun conversation to record because Carrie has such a unique lens through which she sees sport and life. In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Carrie got into the work she is doing and how performance anxiety can plague every athlete
  • How things like social media, relationships, and life in general play into that anxiety and our athletic performance, plus some tips to deal with those
  • The importance of goal setting and the different types of goals
  • How some of your goals might actually be setting you up for failure!

Speaking of failure, we had a pretty fascinating conversation about identity and ego. We talk about reframing what it means to be successful. This led us to Carrie’s goal to fail more, and how having a goal of failure might actually lead to a higher rate of success! From there we jumped ship to some pretty personal stuff! Thankfully Carrie is one of the most authentic people I know and she was able to give me some real and honest answers.”


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