What is Rebound Lifestyle?

Rebound Lifestyle is a membership to help you proactively learn and develop the skills of resilience so you can more quickly adapt and adjust to life’s challenges and setbacks and turn obstacles into opportunities.

You give your time and energy to so many different things and different people in your life, the Rebound Lifestyle Membership ensures you are also spending time on YOU.

Carrie is here as your coach and guide. For over 20 years she has helped countless clients deal with setbacks, periods of disappointment, and a great deal of frustration. She helped them turn those moments into opportunities for growth. And now they’re living happier and more productive lives. They have found joy and accomplished goals they never thought possible. And that is exactly what she wants for you.

Rebound Lifestyle is a membership that supports you. Carrie and the entire Rebound Lifestyle Community are here to support your dreams, goals, and personal growth. It’s a membership that gives you the expert coaching, mental training tools, positive accountability, and a community of supporters that are waiting to build you up to live your best life.

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Rebound Lifestyle Blueprint

When you are trying to build something of substance, you need a detailed outline and plan of action to successfully build it; you need a blueprint. Carrie has created a Rebound Lifestyle Blueprint that outlines the path to successfully living a Rebound Lifestyle.

When you can say that:

You are your own biggest cheerleader. You are living a purposeful and fun life. You are decisive, self-confident, and resilient. You treat yourself with compassion and grace. You give yourself credit and recognize your efforts, progress, and achievements. And you feel genuinely grateful for all the blessings and abundance in your life…

You are living the Rebound Lifestyle.

There are four stages of the Rebound Lifestyle Blueprint:

Stage 1: Building Your Toolbox
Stage 2: Mastering Your Mindset
Stage 3: Using Power Tools
Stage 4: Rebound Lifestyle

Each stage has three set milestones, and for each milestone, there are two specific action items. The Rebound Lifestyle Blueprint tells you what you’re building, and the monthly content you’ll receive will give you the right tools for the job.

Benefits of Joining

When you join Rebound Lifestyle, you get access to:

  • The Rebound Lifestyle Blueprint and Rebound Lifestyle Checklist; your roadmap for living a joyful, intentional, and resilient life.
  • New and exclusive content every month with the “Mental Training Tool of the Month” (MTTM) and access to all archived Mental Training Tools content.
  • Supporting materials for the MTTM including instructional videos, audio only files, PDF handouts and worksheets.
  • The monthly “Rebound Huddle” where you get a chance to be with Carrie and the Rebound Lifestyle Community during live zoom sessions and get access to all Rebound Huddle recordings.
  • The monthly 30-minute Athlete Q&A Huddle where you can join in and ask Carrie mental training and sport performance psychology questions related to sport and exercise.
  • AIM text messages; personal messages from Carrie to help you to help you stay on target with some positive “Accountability, Inspiration, Motivation”.
  • Access to the “Rebound Lifestyle Community”, where you can connect with the Rebound Lifestyle Community to ask questions, swap stories, and get support from your fellow Rebound Lifestyle members.

And as long as you are a member in good standing, you will always have access to the membership at the price that you joined for as long as the membership exists. 

This Membership is For You

If you:

  • Are overwhelmed and feel like there’s never enough time
  • Work SO hard and still feel like what you’re doing is NEVER ENOUGH
  • Feel like you’re not living the life you were meant to live
  • Want something better; you want something more and yet feel stuck
  • Know you’re getting in your own way, but you don’t know how to get out of it
  • Are ready for something different
  • Want to live more and stress less

It’s Time to Take Action

You need someone to walk with you on this journey of self-discovery. Someone to teach you the tools; to guide and support you along the way. You are ready for something different. You can feel more confident, more resilient, and turn obstacles into opportunities. And you WILL do all of these things— if you just have the encouragement and the know-how. You need the support and the actual tools to help make it happen.

Confidence comes from taking action. In the Rebound Lifestyle membership, Carrie will provide you with the specific action steps and tools to be decisive, self-confident, and resilient, so you can live a fun and purposeful life.

Join the Rebound Lifestyle Membership!

There will never be a time when you won’t benefit from having the mental skills in sport or in life. When you have positive support around you, and you have mental fitness¬ you can handle whatever challenges life will bring. Not only that, but you can live a meaningful, purposeful, intentional life.

You have two options for joining:

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