Welcome to the Rebound Lifestyle Community!


I am SO THRILLED you decided to take the leap and join my Rebound Lifestyle membership.

I started this membership because:

    1. Mental health matters.
    2. Everyone can benefit from mental skills training.
    3. There is strength in numbers.

This membership is all about helping you build your mental fitness. It’s about giving you the mental training tools and support you need to possess an unshakeable belief in yourself, more quickly adapt in the face of setbacks, and turn obstacles into opportunities. And it’s about building up a community of people that are all dedicated to supporting each other and going through this journey together.

My commitment to you: I am here to help support you and support this growth of this membership so that it is something you are excited about being a part of every month. For as long as this membership exists, I am here to bring you my expertise and coaching. No holding back. I am here to bring you my best tools that I use with my own coaching clients, including some of the top athletes and entrepreneurs around the world.

Carrie’s Tips for New Members!

Getting Started:


Grab yourself a binder or folder where you can put all your materials.


Then grab yourself a notebook or Journal dedicated to writing about your Rebound Lifestyle NTS (Note to Self) journal prompts and any other brilliant ideas that come to you!


Review the Rebound Huddle calendar and save the date for our future Huddles.


Have questions? Feeling stuck on the MTTM? Join Carrie on Zoom during her live Rebound Office Hours!

Each month when the new MTTM (Mental Training Tool of the Month) comes out:

Print out the MTTM handouts and worksheets.

Read through the MTTM handout.

Make a game plan for when you will carve out time to do the MTTM.

Watch the MTTM video.

Join the Rebound Huddle and Athlete Huddle for our live zoom sessions!


Take a deeper dive with the content and follow the steps on the NTS journal prompts.

Engage with Carrie and the Rebound Community when you jump on the Live Rebound Office Hours to ask questions and get support.

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