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2024 Program Dates
Session 1: Week of Feb. 19th – Week of April 8th (no sessions week of March 25th)
Session 2: TBD

One of the greatest challenges you may face as an athlete is dealing with an injury. The loss of your athletic identity, compounded with the loss of your social outlet, your stress outlet, and the sport that you love can feel like too much to bear.

You don’t have to go through this alone, and there are things you can do to expertly navigate the emotional roller coaster you’re on and feel more confident about your recovery.

That’s why I created the Rebound Coaching Program.

This program is an incredible opportunity to connect with other injured athletes while getting expert coaching to help you navigate the mental and emotional challenges of your recovery. For 8-weeks you will get expert coaching from Coach Carrie, a Certified Mental Performance Consultant that specializes in helping people with their mental rehab through injury. In these live sessions you will get the support you need to feel less isolated, feel more motivated, and know that you can get through this injury with confidence, resilience, and grace.


Carrie will host live group coaching sessions weekly where you will:

  • Get expert coaching and training from Carrie
  • Connect with other injured athletes to get advice and support
  • Get your specific questions answered about your own injury recovery
  • Go through the major themes of Rebound highlighting the key takeaways

If you are ready to:

  • Get more guidance and support through injury recovery
  • Get specific advice and feedback on the psychology of injury
  • Do a deeper dive on the content and tools in Rebound
  • Create deeper connections with fellow injured athletes

Then this group is for you!

“I was in such a bad place at the beginning of my injury. It was a miracle that I found the podcast, and then the book and then the group. As soon as the program started, I immediately felt less alone and like I would somehow get through this really difficult time. I learned really practical skills that I was motivated to practice in between sessions, and I find them so helpful.”

“This program was a light in the midst of a dark time. It was exactly what I needed to move through the mental and emotional stress of having something you love (and brings you joy and meaning) “taken away” from you unexpectedly. I found compassion, camaraderie, validation, and concrete strategies I could practice applying in a safe environment.”

“The most tremendous experience of the program was getting connected with other injured athletes. Getting to share our experiences each week with one another, having a safe space to be authentic and open with each other, and to be able to relate to one another with a deeper understanding of this lived experience was truly special.”

“If you’re really struggling with an injury it’s a great support group filled with others who are experiencing similar things. Carrie is a thoughtful, authentic, intelligent coach- she knows the space just as well as any professional in the United States from what I’ve researched.”

Program Details



The Rebound Coaching Program is an 8-week program.

The next program dates are: Week of Feb. 19th – Week of April 8th (no sessions week of March 25th)

  • There are two set groups with different dates/times to choose from:
    • Tuesdays @ 5:00pm (Pacific)
    • Thursdays @ 12:00pm (Pacific)
  • Live sessions are 75 minutes in length
  • Live sessions will be recorded and are only available to the people registered for your specific group
  • Each session will include an educational element, group discussion, Q&A, and two Mental Training Drill assignments to help support your mental fitness and injury recovery
  • Coaching groups have a maximum of 10 participants each
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old
  • Program cost: $297.00


Registration for the next Rebound Coaching groups closes on:

Thursday, February 15th @ 5:00pm (pacific)

During a time when you are needing the most support, you are often getting the least. Take this opportunity to surround yourself with people that get it.

Join the Rebound Coaching program and you will get eight incredible weeks of expert coaching, positive accountability, and phenomenal support to help you Rebound from your injury.


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