Anyone who’s met Carrie Tollefson, seen her covering running events on national broadcasts, or listened to her podcast C Tolle Run would likely describe her as a positive person. She’s known for both her Minnesota kindness and her optimistic tagline, “Get after it.”

But her athletic career didn’t come without some bumps along the way. She had a number of serious setbacks, including a cancer scare when she was still in college at Villanova, years of plantar fasciitis, and a painful abdominal injury that eventually required an extensive repair procedure.

The fact that she came back from these injuries to secure a total of five NCAA championships, a spot on the Olympic team in Athens in 2004, and a long-term career covering the sport prompted us to interview her for our book Rebound—and then to follow up with her again on the podcast. 


Here’s a sneak peak:


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