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Carrie Answers a Question: Adrian’s Anger

Carrie Answers a Question: Adrian’s Anger

“Of all the emotions I have felt after injury, the one I’m having the most trouble dealing with is anger. I’m mad at myself, my coach, and at the medical professionals who I feel have failed me. I know some of this is justified. But I also feel trapped by it. What can...

Carrie Answers a Question: Aisling’s Obstacle

Carrie Answers a Question: Aisling’s Obstacle

“Could you discuss how injury shows up the fault-lines in your relationships? Injuries change the dynamics, and certainly my back-to-back injuries have made me feel less in control, less independent, and probably facing the relationship issues I was literally running...

Carrie and Cindy Build Your Team

Carrie and Cindy Build Your Team

“People who have a growth mindset believe that success is possible through your effort and strategies. So if you encounter a setback, there is a solution, you just haven’t figured it out yet. Part of that solution might be getting assistance from others. It’s knowing...

Carrie Answers a Question: Ric’s Request

Carrie Answers a Question: Ric’s Request

Season 4, Episode 56 | Carrie Answers a Question: Ric’s Request How do I come to terms with or accept that I can no longer do exactly what I had hoped to do? I never let that dream go. After four years, I should but I can’t. This week, co-host and mental skills coach...

Runner and Mountaineer Manal Rostom: Accept, Adapt, Act

Runner and Mountaineer Manal Rostom: Accept, Adapt, Act

“It’s not like I hurt myself because I wanted to hurt myself. It came from passion, it came from an athletic drive, it came from inspiration and dreams. I just wasn’t an irresponsible athlete; I don’t want to call myself that. I might have been an over-optimistic and...

Individual Coaching

Sustaining an injury can be one of the most stressful occurrences you will face during your athletic career. From the moment you sustain an injury, to the moment you return to training and competition, the injury experience can send you on an emotional roller-coaster. During your injury recovery, the focus is often primarily on healing your body and not necessarily on the “mental rehab” you need; on building back trust and confidence in your body and your performance. Research shows that the use of mental skills training during injury recovery can benefit both your physical and mental recovery.

If you find yourself struggling with your feelings of confidence, holding yourself back out of fear of re-injury when you’ve been medically cleared, having a hard time trusting your body, or struggling with any of the mental and emotional aspects of your recovery— there is a way forward and Carrie can help. Sometimes you need some extra tools and support to get through this challenging time. Contact Carrie for more information on how you can help you build your resilience and confidence during your injury recovery.

Group Coaching


Rebound Coaching Program


2022 Program Dates
Session 1: February 23rd – April 20th
Session 2: August 31st – October 19th


One of the greatest challenges an athlete may face is dealing with an injury, but you don’t have to go through it alone and there are things you can do to turn this obstacle into an opportunity.

The Rebound Coaching Program is great for injured athletes that want to:

  • Do a deeper dive on the content and tools from the book Rebound
  • Create deeper connections with fellow injured athletes
  • Get more guidance and support through injury recovery
  • Get specific advice and feedback on the psychology of injury

This is a 8-week program that includes weekly live group coaching sessions where you will get the chance to:

  • Get expert coaching and training from Carrie
  • Connect with other injured athletes to get advice and support
  • Get your specific questions answered about your own injury recovery
  • Go through the major themes from Rebound highlighting the key takeaways

What past participants are saying:

“The Rebound Coaching program is an incredibly valuable tool for injured athletes that want to strengthen their mental skills as they “bounce back” from injury and return to their sport. Each session delved into topics from the book, Rebound, including a lecture component, small group work, group discussions, exercises and time for questions. Carrie is an expert in her field, so she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share on each subject.”

“If you’re really struggling with a severe or long-term injury it’s a great support group filled with others who are experiencing similar things. Carrie is a thoughtful, authentic, intelligent coach- she knows the space just as well as any professional in the United States from what I’ve researched.”

“The most tremendous experience of the program was getting connected with other injured athletes. Getting to share our experiences each week with one another, having a safe space to be authentic and open with each other, and to be able to relate to one another with a deeper understanding of this lived experience was truly special.”

Contact Carrie if you are interested in learning more about the next Rebound Coaching Program.

Injuries affect every athlete, from the elite Olympian to the weekend racer. In the moment, a traumatic crash, a torn muscle, or a stress fracture can feel like the most devastating event possible. While some athletes are destroyed by the experience, others emerge from their recovery better, stronger, and more confident than ever.

Weaving together personal narratives from athletes, scientific research, and the specialized clinical expertise of mental skills coach Carrie Jackson Cheadle, Rebound contains more than 45 Mental Skills and Drills athletes can use at every phase of their recovery process. 

Injury and other setbacks are inevitable–but with training, you can learn to overcome them skillfully and confidently, the same way point guards and forwards practice rebounds.

Available in Paperback or Kindle Version.


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