Forced to take a break from your sport

Forced to take a break from your sport?

One of the biggest myths in this life is that you’re supposed to be able to always, at all times, achieve a perfect balance in every aspect your life. No matter what life throws your way, you should be able to seamlessly handle it while still maintaining perfect balance of everything else. And if you don’t, it clearly means that you are a loser and are failing at life. Well I call bullshit.

While you’re busy training and competing sometimes life happens. You get a new job, you have a baby, you get injured … something in your life shifts and takes you away from your sport for a while. Whether you jumped ship, made the reluctant choice, or your hand was force –  it can be challenging to get back into training and competition after a long hiatus.

This Mental Training Tips podcast focuses on one of the biggest challenges you will face as you return to your sport: managing your expectations so you can keep your confidence and motivation intact. It’s easy to get frustrated with yourself as you get back into training and competition and realize that you aren’t performing to the same level that you were before you took a break. Listen to this podcast to get tips on how to be patient and persistent in your return to competition.

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