One of the biggest challenges of injury is seeing the goals and timelines you once had for your season or your career slip through your fingers. You may know, objectively, that these plans no longer make sense given your new situation. 

Still, your brain often holds onto these previous targets. Each time you realize you’re not reaching them can provoke feelings of failure.

Chances are, though, you’re making progress in your recovery in some way, each and every day. Shifting your focus to that forward motion, rather than solely mourning what you’ve lost, represents a powerful way to change your mindset around recovery.

This week, Carrie talks through an exercise designed to call attention to your achievements. Using Redefine Success—which is on page 50 of our book Rebound, if you’ve picked it up—you can learn to truly celebrate your wins. You’ll boost your mood in the moment, and fuel yourself with powerful confidence and motivation for moving forward.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • Why the phrase “recovery is now your sport” is so transformative for injured athletes (3:27)
  • The cruel trick our brains play on us when we’re injured (5:45)
  • How celebrating your “firsts” empowers you (7:44)
  • Why you should take pride in your perseverance and resilience (9:25)
  • How using gratitude can open up your definition of success (12:11)
  • The measurable—and squishier—ways to tell you’re getting stronger (15:56)
  • Why, and how, to actually celebrate these newly redefined wins (18:02)
  • And, how recognizing others’ wins can fuel you, too (20:09)
  • The difference between redefined success and “good-enough goals” (21:22)
  • How to avoid letting “secret goals” sabotage you (24:51)


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