Amelia Boone knows a thing or two about mental toughness. She is an ultrarunner, four-time world champion obstacle course racer, and full-time attorney. She also knows a thing or two about injury. She was dominating the obstacle racing scene when she encountered a major a setback: a stress fracture in her femur. She then encountered a second injury that sidelined her from racing for 18 months.

Amelia believes that if you are upset about being injured, it’s really just a sign of how dedicated an athlete you are and how much you love your sport.I was beyond thrilled when Amelia agreed to be a guest on the show.

On this episode, Amelia discusses the stages of grief she went through when she learned about her initial fracture, the challenges of dealing with a second injury, the top pieces of advice she gives to injured athletes, and how she has come to view her injuries as useful experiences and changed her relationship with running.

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